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Mountain View Elementary School
Mountain Lions Apparel

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Job Opportunities

Ok, we admit it. Our place is a bit odd Job Opportunities First, we're an Internet business located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, best known for automobiles and army defense. Next, we've converted a massive retail & office building into a huge open floor plan where our sales, service, tech & production are all doing the fung shui thing together.
We don't like meetings...they're too we shout out our best ideas when the moment strikes. We have fun contests each week where you can win a car, a vacation or a million dollars...except you have to pay for your own prize if you win. Otherwise, it's pretty normal around here. Job Opportunities

You can be part of our mini-revolution.

On the surface, we do pretty normal stuff. Tees, hoodies, hats and the like. But our team has built some very cool technology that allows anyone to custom design their own school & team gear instantly on-screen. From their screen to our machine...and out the door in a couple days. We like to think of it as our own mini-revolution. When you join our team, it's not rocket science, but you'll be part of cutting-edge stuff that sure is fun.

We like to call it casual crazy Job Opportunities Our employees are very creative and good at doing a bazillion things at once. While our atmosphere is rather friendly and relaxed, we do our best to hire people who know how to perform at the highest level. If you join our team, you can wear fancy clothes, but everyone will probably laugh at you because we wear what we sell...tees, hoodies, fleece & jeans.

Doing our best to make a difference Job Opportunities Supporting local communities is very important to us so we do our best to walk the talk. MyLocker provides an average of $7.25 per order to every registered school & team shop for their worthy causes. Although custom apparel is typically not a major fundraiser, in these economic times, every dollar matters and we're proud we've written checks totaling hundreds of thousands. It's our way to help make a difference... Job Opportunities

The Positions

Web/Tech - Programmer

A new position to join our programming team. Responsibilities include programming, and other affiliated sites.


  • A Minimum of 3-5 years experience with ColdFusion, Flash & PHP
  • Must have live examples of work with very specific project accomplishments
  • Strong organizational skills with specific examples of project management & site documentation experience
  • 4 year college degree
  • Solid references

Company Magician

A new position to split time between our programming, sales & web-marketing teams.


  • A minimum of 5 years experience on a major live stage - Las Vegas headliner preferred
  • Must be a certified magician - no fake stuff - with proven ability to make very cool things appear out of mid-air (real money, diamonds & gold would be great)
  • Strong ability to make irritating things disappear (we will be highly impressed if this experience includes your mother-in-law)

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