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Promote your new bakery by creating custom bakery apparel.It is difficult to promote your bakery while spending late nights in the kitchen kneading and rolling. At MyLocker we can help you promote your bakery with our 100%personalized online design system. You can create a custom t-shirt in any color or design that you want. You can make it match the décor of your place or even have your bakery’s slogan embroidered on the front. Tell your customers about your featured items by adding as much text as you want to any apparel you create. Even design personalized hats for your bakers to work in. There is no minimum order at MyLocker so you can order one item for yourself or buy many items at wholesale prices to sell to your most loyal customers. Let MyLocker help you get your bakery off and running with some custom bakery clothing.?? ? Let your customers advertise your business for you in brand new bakery clothes. Our design system is extremely easy-to-use and only takes a matter of minutes to create anything you want. Something as simple as making a great t-shirt for your bakery can help catapult your business to the next level. Even stay relevant with the times and create a custom bakery bag for your customers who are looking to lessen their waste and start using a permanent grocery bag. MyLocker has so many items to offer and can help keep your business significant and ahead of all your competition.