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Design Your Own Personalized Beauty Shop Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!
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Whether you own a nail parlor or hair salon, MyLocker is here to help you create your own line of fashions, perfect for advertising your business or uniting your staff. Design your very own beauty shop apparel today and see the difference for yourself! Create a set of matching t-shirts for your staff; adorn the front with a heart made from nail polish or an artistic head of hair and then put each employee's name on the back to prove that you're a team. Wear a fleece zip up outside of the salon and start word of mouth advertising that can't be beat! Or perhaps just create a hoodie and a pair of stretch yoga pants to wear around the house on your day off. Whatever you choose to create, MyLocker has the apparel you need!

Start off by choosing what clothing item it is that you want to customize. From blankets to bags, MyLocker has almost everything you can imagine. Once you've made a decision, choose a few colors to work with. Pick out a color for the apparel you're customizing and then two more to use with your design. There are hundreds of possible color combinations to choose from! Then pick out a logo or design to decorate your apparel with! MyLocker has plenty of premade images that you can customize and use. Change the text up, mix colors around, do whatever you'd like to do to make the image your own. And that's it! Creating your own custom beauty shop apparel is just that easy!