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If you want your book store staff to look good, why not get them custom book store staff apparel from MyLocker? Not only will it keep them dressed clean and proper, but it will help keep your store and your catchy slogan fresh in the minds of your customers. By choosing to make your custom book store staff apparel with MyLocker, you will gain a ton of amazing things. First, you'll have great options like the ability to order 6 or more identical items for wholesale pricing. After that, you're going to have great opportunities like the chance to upload custom images, text and more to your custom book store apparel with MyLocker's powerful online editor. We take brand name products from companies like Gildan, Adidas, Nike and others to put through our amazing heat press system. Once the items go through, our system presses your designs onto these top quality goods and we send them to you. You can print on all sorts of items, these include: durable jerseys, lasting t-shirts, fuzzy fleeces and other great options!

Design your own personalized book store staff tees, hoodies jackets and more with MyLocker's powerful online editor. Just enter in some text in the box above. After that, you're going to need to pick a color combination of the 360 available. Next, you're going to be able to progress to the next page and on that page you can choose from an unlimited number of options to make your custom book store staff apparel into everything you'd dreamed it would be. Let your staff enjoy custom image uploads, color inversion, adding a back to their apparel and more with MyLocker today!