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As a team, you want your company employees looking great while reinforcing their unity. Create custom bus company apparel from MyLocker. You can design one-of-a-kind outfits that make a statement for every bus driver. We have hats, shirts, and even coolers, which make a great gift for your employees. At MyLocker, we have the best custom apparel for your employees to show off while riding around the city. Whether your company is in a warm weather location or cold, MyLocker provides you with a multitude of choices to pick from so you can be happy no matter what the day brings.

Crewnecks, headbands and wind breakers.

• Lightweight tank tops, polos and shorts.

• Gifts and promotional items such as backpacks and tote bags and blankets are a great way to show appreciation to all of your employees.

Ordering from MyLocker makes customizing and shipping personalized Bus company apparel easy and affordable. You can even upload your company logo to your own online MyLocker shop. Your shop is created once you enter your Bus Company’s name above and then select a product to customize. Pick from a wide array of colors for your product and even more colors for the text and graphic that you want on your product. Make sure you look out for the wholesale pricing button on your shop, because when you order in bulk, more than 6 items, you save money per item. All you have to do is enter in the quantity that you want to order and MyLocker automatically calculates the discounts for you. Best of all, there is no minimum purchase requirement. What are you waiting for? MyLocker is the best place for to create custom Bus company apparel.