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Design Your Own Personalized Employee of the Year Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!
Employee of the Year
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Give custom Employee of the Year apparel from MyLocker to your hardest workers who have been going above and beyond their responsibilities! It doesn't matter if you just want to acknowledge their accomplishments or give them a present during the holiday season because we'll accommodate to your every need. MyLocker is the perfect place to go to for custom apparel that looks and feels great. Don't forget to check out some of our most popular products such as stylish beanies to make a fashion statement, warm sweater hoodies for the winter days, lightweight tank tops for a breezy outfit and handy duffle bags to keep your belongings safe. Everything we offer are made from the finest materials to ensure you that you have the best wardrobe possible. 

Designing with us is extremely easy, fast and fun to do. All you have to do begin your creative journey is sign up for a free account and pick the item you want to personalize. With our online tool, you can input any text that you desire or upload your own logo. Then, you can choose you favorite color scheme from our long list of appealing shades. The last steps are to select the size and quantity, and proceeding to check out! Even though we never limit your shopping experience and you can purchase from 1 to 100 items without any restrictions, we recommend that you order in bulk. This wholesale pricing feature saves you money so you won't ever have to overspend. You don't have to look anywhere else! Visit our website today to design your own personalized Employee of the Year tees, hoodies, jackets and more!