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Design Your Own Personalized Hardware Store Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!
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Whether you work in the lumber, plumbing or garden department you will be interested in the fact that you can shape your own work appropriate clothing with custom hardware store apparel. With MyLocker you can choose to order custom hardware store apparel. We offer numerous options to design your own personalized hardware store tees, hoodies, jackets & more. If you are cold during your shift and maybe you work in the gardening department or maybe the warehouse is just well air conditioned. Try working with us! We can make amazing hardware store possibilities, like a sweater with your name on it. You could also choose something like, an image you drew in Microsoft paint or a picture of you and a few friends or co-workers. With our custom file uploads you can literally choose anything you want and put it on your sweater.

To make your hardware store apparel, all you have to do is use our simple, yet powerful editor. First enter your name, or your store, company or businesses name. You next will need to pick one of our numerous 100% custom products. These choices of apparel include: terrific t-shirts, sweet sweatersdurable duffles and much more! After this you will need to pick the colors. Out of 360 different possible combinations you will have to choose one. Hit the design button and progress to the next page and decide many of the other options for your hardware apparel. On that page you will be required to choose things like color scheme, embroidery designs and even things like if you would like to upload custom images, graphics, fonts and more! Become another one of our loyal customers today when trying hardware store apparel.