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Are you a color enthusiast? Put your knowledge to use by personalizing completely Custom Paint Store apparel from MyLocker. We have the perfect fits to accompany any in store sale or outdoor job. Use the entire spectrum, go for contrast or blend it together. You have complete freedom to create exactly what you like faster than ever before. Not only will you be able to customize your piece, you can also order as many items as you want. There are no minimum or maximum purchases.

Looking to save money? Our bulk ordering process allows you earn super savings on all orders over six. We already offer the lowest prices guaranteed on products from the top name brands you know and trust. Painting clothes for men, women, and children come in every color and size. Make your own one of a kind painters attire to wear during all of your work occasions.

Roll it on and brush it up with any of our over 500 different products from top name brands you know and trust. Start by choosing a product like a form-fitting hoodie to stay cozy at all times. You can also be ready for warm days at work with a breathable tank-top or lightweight polo. Design your own Personalized Paint Store tees, hoodies, jackets and more using our pre-made clipart design templates or upload your own graphics for us to print. You will be sporting a confident and polished look when you order from MyLocker. See how easy it is to create now!