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Design Your Own Personalized Spa Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!
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Designing your own custom clothing and gear from MyLocker is so easy and refreshing, it's like spending the afternoon at the spa. Support your favorite spa with a one of a kind tee and pants to match! Our custom clothing is designed for comfort; going to the spa will be as relaxing as the actual spa treatment itself! Your clients will love to take home their facial masks, oils and lotions in a nifty customized tote bag that they can use again and again! We also have well crafted towels that are necessary for every spa. These are just a few items out of the hundreds of options available to you, imagine what custom apparel and equipment you will find!

High quality custom apparel and gear for your spa is within reach! We will guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your order because you get to design the look of the clothing, as if the affordable name brand materials didn't make this already an unbeatable deal! It takes only seconds to create your free account and just minutes to have your own personalized spa apparel and gear. Start by taking a look through our exclusive one of a kind selection. Once you open up our color pallet, you will see the different color combinations are limitless! Check out our calming spa inspired designs or upload your own illustration! Embed your own text for personalized clothing and gear that is everything you want it to be.