Multiple Sclerosis
Design Your Own Personalized Multiple Sclerosis Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!

Help support research for a disease that affects 2.1 million people worldwide, with custom multiple sclerosis apparel from MyLocker. Grab attention and generate buzz for your cause with our vibrant comfy t-shirts. Our tees paired with our pre-made customizable full color and dynamic designs are the perfect promotional tool for a fundraising event. All of your volunteers will look great in the colorful tees. For when the weather is a bit chilly, outfit your guests and staff in cozy zip-ups. These embroidered zip-ups will warm everyone’s hearts and bodies.

Looking for a useful giveaway for your fundraising event? Look no further than our customizable tote bags and personalized pants. Our tote bags are practical for those on the go. Your guests can use the tote as an everyday bag, a reusable grocery bag, or even a beach tote. Our soft sweatpants are great way to stay comfortable and warm on those lazy days. All of this and more is ready to be discovered. Looking good while doing some good has never been this easy or fun!

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