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Design Your Own Personalized 90s Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!

Hey dude! Fly threads are not hard to find when you come to MyLocker for your mad-cool, 100% custom 90's apparel! And with over 500 customizable items in our inventory, the options for awesome gear are endless. Get some bomb custom t-shirts, tank tops or hoodies. We have fleece and zip-up sweaters as well, and if you're looking for a classic 90's look, check out or classic crewneck sweaters!  We also have dope hats, functional backpacks, totes and duffels. There are so many possibilities for fresh 90's gear, you'll never want to go anywhere else! 

MyLocker makes it easy and affordable to buy totally awesome 90's apparel for all your home-skillets! We have dope bulk discounts starting at six or more items, so you're getting great prices when you have a larger order. But remember, if you need only a few items, that's okay too. There are no minimum purchase requirements, so you never have to order more than you need! 

When you're ready to get your custom order underway, you'll be blown with our great quick and stress-free design studio! First, pick out what color and style item you want to customize. Then, head to the design studio and browse through our dope 90's designs and find one that you love. Edit your colors and add your custom text and you're design is all set! It's just that simple! Now submit that order to us and we'll take it from here! MyLocker will customize all your apparel and ship it out to you in no time! Working with us is easy, affordable and quick, so start your order with MyLocker today!