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Let your creative juices flow in clothing that looks and feels great! You can create completely custom Artist apparel using MyLocker is just a few short clicks. Our state of the art design system allows you to take what you picture in your head and turn it into reality. All you have to do to begin is pick the item you like best. You are used to using colors and designs to generate great works of art. Now you can choose from our over 500 different products to use as the perfect canvas for your creative ideas. All of our items come in every size and color so that each person has the chance to find the perfect fit. You can design your own one of a kind dynamic T-shirt with pre-shrunk cotton or distressed polyester to put your original illustrations on the front. If you need something for painting or crafting in a cold space, bring along a unique snug pullover hoodie or soft fleece. Spraying and drafting can get hot, bring along a lightweight polo to wear when you work under lamps and bright lighting. MyLocker is here to help enhance all of your artistic endeavors with top quality apparel at the lowest prices guaranteed! 

Enter the text you want shown and personalize your colors using our crisp color ways. Then you can design your own personalized Artist tees, hoodies, jackets and more using our pre-made clipart designs. Upload your own images if you have created something you like and we will print every detail!