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If dark colors and spooky designs are your thing, you're going to love what MyLocker has to offer you in the way of custom goth apparel. We carry hundreds of great garments to pick and choose from, and with the wide range of colors and styles we know that you can find the look that fits your personal tastes. Pick out a black backpack for school or a comfortable zip up hoodie, a warm jacket or even a dark tank top. We've got it all, and it's all here for you, waiting to be customized!

Once you've found that perfect piece of apparel, MyLocker will show you a library of pre-made goth designs that you can use for your gear. Each image can be completely altered and customized to fit your needs by simply switching up the colors that it will be printed or embroidered onto the apparel in. You can put your own text into the form as well. Any adjustments you make to the graphic will instantly appear on the computer generated image that we provide for your use. And once it looks just right, submit the design and allow us to take over from there.

No matter what you choose to create, MyLocker will keep your order affordable with the best wholesale prices around. Everything we offer is made from top brands so that you're guaranteed a comfortable and durable garment and with no restrictions on how many you can order, there's no limit to what you can do! Use all of the tools MyLocker has provided you with and begin to personalize your custom goth apparel today!