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Design Your Own Personalized Swag Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!

What does SWAG mean to you? Whatever that may be, show off your personal swag with custom swag apparel from MyLocker. We’ve got the high quality apparel and easy to use tools to create just about any look that you’re going for, with a touch of your personal taste. Starting with our line of custom swag apparel, we give a range of styles to choose from, whether you lean more toward hooded sweatshirts or tie dye tees. Check out for yourself all the ways that you can design your own personalized swag tees, hoodies, jackets & more! 

To get started now and have your package on its way today, begin by selecting the gear you’d like to customize. Take a moment or two to look around our shop to find what’s right for you, and then make it yours with your designs and colors. It’s easy to build an image with one of our handy design templates, right in our store, and even easier to simply upload any high definition image of your own. However you decide to tell us, we take what you give us and turn it into a beautiful product that you can be excited to put on. 

One of the best advantages of ordering through MyLocker are our flexible prices. We never require you to make a minimum purchase, for one thing, so you’re to pick up a single long sleeve tee if that’s what you’re shopping for. And from there, we offer huge discounts on large orders. 

How can we help you swag out in custom swag apparel?