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Earn some extra face time for a favored political rep when you wear or pass out your customized representative apparel from MyLocker. Each garment is as comfortable as it is durable. The high-quality fabrics are double stitched into brand name products perfect for amplifying any debate. Spread awareness of the most beneficial representative to be elected by designing your custom clothing today. The design process is simple and quick. Begin by browsing our online store to get a full view of the awesome apparel we stock. Pick from soft tees, durable duffles or totes, handy towels, or any of our 500 great items just waiting to be crafted by you. Creating your gear is fun and easy

We walk you through every stage of the procedure so that you never get confused. Start on the left of the screen. Here, you can peruse our illustration displayed in the showcase. Next, add colors to the piece by choosing a combination from the palette below. Don't be afraid to play around with the mixtures, nothing is permanent until the final order is sent out. The last step in crafting your unique garment is adding a cleaver phrase. The preview in the center of the window updates with each click of the mouse. Fix any piece of the clothing, send out your order, and we print it to your exact specifications. 

We offer great deals on bulk orders. Qualify when purchasing just 6 garments! Need only one article? No problem. Unlike other sites, MyLocker has no minimum or maximum on orders, so buy 1 or 100 articles—any amount you like. We make creating your unique clothes hassle free and it's so rewarding. Now is the perfect time to buy, so don't hesitate. Show off your creative nature and make your one of a kind representative apparel from MyLocker today.