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Create a custom look for your church with MyLocker's amazing selection of personalized Christian apparel. We only stock trusted brand name items guaranteed to last for years to come. Show your love of God and spread the word of the lord with a fashionable appeal. We stock over 500 pieces perfect for any active group. Select everything from cozy hoodies and tees to handy totes and duffles. We have anything you can think of, and we are happy to help you achieve your goal. 

Use our simple online design manager to craft a completely unique garment. The simple signage on screen is numbered for easy user experiences. Just follow the step by step process to finish off your piece. Select form a Christian themed design in the display case, choose a color from the palette below, and enter text into the bars on the right of the screen to fully customize your apparel. Anything is possible. Everything is affordable. Unlike other online clothing shops, we have no minimums. Order 1 or 100 items—the amount you need. Grace yourself with a wonderful discount on wholesales when purchasing just six pieces. We accommodate any size or age group, so order personalized gear for every single of your church. With all of the excellent services we offer, we are the best selection for your attire. Don't waste another moment without the fun, unique gear that could already be on its way. Get creative and make your one of a kind Christian apparel from MyLocker today!