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Help promote the word of God and all of his blessed teachings with personalized Quaker apparel from MyLocker. We have an assortment of over 500 brand name items in stock and ready to be designed by you. Try your hand at creativity using our easily navigated design studio and all of the tools available. We offer a variety of designs, color combinations, and the ability to type any phrase or verse you like so get creative. Share the greatness of the lord almighty with a personal touch. To start, simply browse our online store and select your favorite item. We have a wide range of apparel diverse in both usefulness and styles. Craft a garment such as a fun tie dye tee, a warm sweater-hoodie, or a cozy pair of athletic pants. Or sift through our selection of bags such as sturdy totes, briefcases, and duffles. MyLocker has nearly any product you need. 

The design process is fast and easy. Simply follow the numbered signage onscreen for a play by play of the procedure. Station number one is on the left. Browse our Quaker illustrations held in the showcase. We have a number of sharp graphics for your selection. You'll need one for the fabric and another for the text which is added on the right. Type directly into the bars and your piece is complete. Creating your customized Quaker apparel is fun and affordable. 

Score a great deal on bulk orders! Qualify when purchasing just six articles. Want only one garment? No problem. Unlike other sites, MyLocker has no minimums. Order 1 or 100 garments hassle free. Take advantage of all of our great tools and make your one of a kind Quaker apparel from MyLocker today.