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Design Your Own Personalized Heptasophs Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!

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Whether you are a wise man or a plain one you will be able to see the capabilities of MyLocker and our 100% custom Heptasophs apparel. We offer bulk discounts with six or more orders, as a member of, "The Seven," this is perfect. You can get one for each of you. 

To make your custom apparel, you'll want to put your name or the name of your enclave in the first text box above. After you do that, it would be a good idea to choose some colors you think appropriate for the background and the colored embroidered writing. Be sure to select the type of personalized Heptasophs products you want. Once these three steps are complete you will be able to click the button to go to the next screen and choose the other details. These options include:

  •  Choosing to add graphics and images that are both preexisting on the website or that you choose to upload for your personal use.
  •  Choosing the color design.
  •  Choosing the text style.

All of our Heptasoph custom logos on our apparel is embroidered upon brand name products. We have products from Sport Tec, Addidas, and many other brands. Each type of Heptasophs apparel is entirely customizable. You can choose to design your own personalized Heptasophs tees, hoodies, jackets & more! You should make a striking Polo today, a very utile pull over sweatshirt, or even a few well made woven shirts. There are countless options, and with the ability to mass print for wholesale costs you don't have to worry about being a Persian prince to pay for it. Play around with the editor today and get a feel for all of the possibilities!