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Design Your Own Personalized Knights of Pythias Tees, Hoodies, Jackets & More!
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Share your support and allegiance with the Knights of Pythias today by creating your very own personal apparel. MyLocker has created an online design studio built specifically to help you imagine and compose your own fashions easily and quickly. It takes only minutes to begin and then submit a finished design – we'll do the hard work of actually creating the apparel for you. Try your hand at designing a custom t-shirt for a laid back afternoon, or a 100% fleece blanket to keep you warm on your couch. Go to your next meeting with a personalized soft-shell jacket or fleece zip up and be the envy of all the other members. Whatever you want to create, MyLocker can help you do it!

Decide first on what it is that you'd most like to customize. From pants to hats, we've got a great selection and there's bound to be the perfect item for you. Next, choose the color combination that you like the most and match it with one of our great premade images. All of the illustrations we provide for you can be customized to fit your needs. Change the text, play around with the colors, do whatever you want to do until the garment displayed looks precisely the way you want it to. Whatever you create on the computer, MyLocker will create using real materials!

All of the products we use and design are made from the top brand names available. That means that every single piece is perfectly fitted and crafted to ensure great quality. We'll construct the apparel you've designed and then send it straight to your door, ready to be worn the second it arrives. If you need more than one, that's okay too! We've made it just as simple to create 100 as it is to create 1, and even grant discounts on the pricing of large orders so that you'll be rewarded in more ways than one for designing gear for all of your friends amongst the Knights. So don't wait another minute! Design your custom Knights of Pythias apparel now!