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If you are someone who likes to avidly crochet, finding your own personalized Crochet apparel and gear used to be hard to find. MyLocker has changed that with our unique personalization services. To get started, you create your free account and then choose the piece of apparel that suites your needs. The color options are limitless and all yours! Have your T-shirts say whatever you want and have a logo of your own embroidered or screened on the front. If you don’t have an image to upload we got you covered with our own stock of clever designs. Buy in bulk enough for all the members in your club to receive wholesale pricing and your order will arrive within the week!

Having your own crochet business is a great thing and now you can make yourself even more official with 100% custom Crochet apparel. Personalized crochet tote bags will come in handy so you can easily take your yarn and other items from place to place. Our pants are soft and light, allowing you to stay comfy while you crochet away for hours. A Personalized lunch bag is what you need if you're going out to teach a class the ins and outs of crocheting. Stay warm and comfortable in a hoodie while you manage your table at the next crochet show!

All the different choices and freedoms to design create limitless possibilities. We guarantee you will get exactly what you are looking for. So get started and make 100% custom crochet apparel in minutes with MyLocker!