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For all of your custom dodgeball apparel needs, MyLocker is the place to go! No matter what version it is that you play, we have the personalized gear to get you the look you want. Create tournament t-shirts and decorate them with one of our dozen different dodgeball-specific illustrations. Use them in the next competition at the local gym. Design a hoodie when you win and wear it proudly around town to show off your talents. From duffle bags and totes to baseball caps and winter jackets, MyLocker has something for every dodgeball fan!

Pick out the piece of apparel that you want to design to begin the creative process. Then choose the colors you wish to use and a design or logo to put onto the garment. There are hundreds of options and unlimited combinations that you can make, so have fun with it! Change the text around, upload your own image, and try out all sorts of different medleys of ideas until you find the one you like best!

When you've completed your design idea, MyLocker will take your submitted order and turn it into the apparel you desire. Create extras for your dodgeball buddies and you can even save money! That's right, the more you order, the more you save thanks to our fantastic discounts! You can put your name onto the back of your shirt to make yours stand out for the rest and wear it proudly, but first you have to create it! Go ahead and start now, you'll be happy you did!