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Stay prepared and safe on the river with some newly customized kayaking clothes. The river is an unpredictable place and you need to be prepared for any situation that may arise. With our compression shirts, you can stay dry if your boat flips and get warm after you’re out of the water on a chilly day. They are moisture-wicking along with many of our other products so that you can stay as dry as possible while you kayak. All of our products are designed to allow for a full range of motion so you won’t feel constrained by any of your gear on the river. Our kayaking apparel also comes in a variety of different colors and styles so you can match perfectly with your kayak or with the rest of your group. Show your enthusiasm for kayaking on and off the water by designing your own kayaking apparel at MyLocker today! Customize kayaking apparel at MyLocker’s easy to use design system so you can look your best on the water. Our kayaking clothes are the most customizable and high quality in the business and we offer a wide variety of items. You can customize durable t-shirts, well-fitting pants, cozy hoodies, or even knit hats. There is no order minimum at MyLocker so you can order just one t-shirt for yourself, or you can order wholesale and get gear for your whole family or club. Whether you are tackling huge river rapids or just casually kayaking with friends, look your best and feel your best with all the newest kayaking apparel at MyLocker.