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There are hundreds of different types of camps out there and all of them deserve great custom camp apparel. T-shirts are a fantastic and popular item for summer camp counselors and hoodies, shorts, and baseball caps are great options as well. No matter what your style, MyLocker has something for everyone. Personalize your apparel with your camp name and each staff member's name across the back. Create duffle bags to carry supplies to and from camp locations. Design flannel pants for your camp staff to wear as pajamas during sessions. Whatever your camp apparel needs, MyLocker can provide you with it!

First you start with the product you wish to personalize. Then you select the colors and design which fits your camp apparel best. If you would like, you have the option to upload your own so that your gear can be truly customized. The text on our pre-made designs is all fully customizable so that you can make your shirts and accessories say whatever you'd like in a number of different styles. The final step, once you're satisfied with your product, is to simply submit your order to MyLocker and allow us to take on the hard work.

MyLocker uses only the best brands available so that each product we produce is comfortable and durable – guaranteed. And if you want 100 it's as easy as creating just 1, plus you'll get discounted pricing on bulk orders so that every order is affordable. With easy creation, easy ordering, and easy shipping, there is no reason not to order your custom camp apparel today!